• Dec.2018
    Certified with ISO 14298 Management of Security Printing Processes.
  • Nov.2017
    Certified with IATF 16949(Automotive Quality Management System)
  • Nov.2017
    Listed as over-the-counter stock on Taipei Exchange.
  • Sep.2016
    By Legal Foundation TPEx certificate letter word No.1050027541 granted registration at emerging stock market.
  • Aug.2016
    By Legal Foundation TPEx certificate letter word No.1050022299 granted public offering.
  • Apr.2016
    Obtaining liquidation declaration approval notice of Timing Card System Co., Ltd. from National Taxation Bureau.
  • Oct.2015
    Certified by BSI with BS10012 Personal Information Management System.
  • Sep.2015
    Acquired notarize liquidation proof for Taiwan Name Plate (B.V.I.) LTD., ending overseas investment.
  • Sep.2014
    Corn made PLA biological degradable Contact Magnetic Stripe Credit Card certify by VISA.
  • Aug.2014
    TNP developed own chip for 2G Easy Card approved with (CC)EAL4+(AVA_VAN.5,ALC_DVS.2)。
  • Aug.2013
    Certified by VISA of biodegradable materials (PLA) magnetic stripe Cards.
  • Jul.2013
    China Plant (Dongguan) officially ended operations. Business integration back to Taiwan Head office.
  • Nov.2012
    Certified by TUV NORD of Germany for ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management Systems.
  • Mar.2012
    Head Office moves to Linkou
  • May.2011
    China Plant(Shenzhen) moves to Dongguan
  • Aug.2010
    The first Certified by China UnionPay to manufacture UnionPay cards and personalize IC cards.
  • May.2010
    UL PGAA Certified Manufacturer to Print UL MARK. File No:LP3901
  • Dec.2008
    U-Tech Media Corporation becomes the shareholder of Taiwan Name Plate.
  • Sep.2007
    TNP was honored with 96th Industrial Innovation Achievement Award sponsored by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs and titled " RFID Printing Antenna" under the category of "Technology/ Know-How innovation".
  • Mar.2007
    Card Division & Person Bureau moved in new plant at Hwa Ya Technology Park, Linkou.
  • Dec.2006
    Kaohsiung plant closed down. All the production line was transferred to Linkou plant.
  • May.2006
    Awarded ISO/IEC 27001 Certification by KPMG Audit Plc in England. It ensures the security controls to protect all the customers’ personal data.
  • Oct.2005
    Certified by TSCC to produce easy cards.
  • Aug.2005
    First integrate Pay Pass function into a key ring credit card that Shai-Hai Bank issued for Wellcome supermarket.
  • Jul.2004
    Technically cooperated with Tefco Aomori Co., Ltd. to produce super glossy mirror name plates.
  • Feb.2004
    TNP starts mass production for GSM Card.
  • Dec.2003
    Approved by VISA to produce VISA MINI card.
  • Aug.2003
    Approved by FISC (Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.) to produce the IC Financial ATM Card.
  • Mar.2003
    1. Authorized by AEON CREDIT CARD (TAIWAN) Co., Ltd to produce their first credit card in Taiwan using PETG material an environment friendly material and anti-virus protection. The card was officially launched in Taiwan.
    2. The first World Mastercard card in Taiwan was produced for Cathay United Bank.
  • Feb.2003
    1. Dual Interface Card product has been tested successfully and certified by Arsenal Research in compliance with Mifare standard functions and requirements.
    2. The first AP VISA Infinite card was produced for Taishin International Bank.
  • Jan.2003
    Approved by Mastercard International to produce the highest level card--World Mastercard card for all Mastercard card issuers.
  • Apr.2002
    1. Purchased a high speed IC testing system--Micromodule Test Handler.
    2. Purchased a compact Smart Card Milling and Implanting System. The second system for IC card production to increase capacity.
    3. Purchased a Glue Tape Lamination System for hot implanting process.
  • Jan.2002
    Shen-Zhen, China plant was certified by RWTUV of Germany for ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • Nov.2001
    1. Certified by JCB International to be the first JCB card manufacturer and personalizer in Taiwan.
    2. Registered and accredited as a Multos Bureau.
    3. Registered in Mondex International as a MULTOS Issuance Partner(MIP).
  • Aug.2001
    Developed the software to personalize VOP/VSDC cards, and used this developed software to personalize VOP/ VSDC cards issued by First Commercial Bank. This card was officially the first EMV card issued in Taiwan.
  • Jul.2001
    Authorized by Mastercard International to embed and personalize IC cards.
  • Nov.2000
    1.Certified by RWTUV of Germany for ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.
    2.Authorized by American Express Company to personalize American Express-Blue Box Line Cards.
    3.Purchased a high speed Mail Processing System from Otto Kunnecke of Germany.
  • Jul.2000
    1.Certified by Mastercard International for magnetic stripe Cards personalization.
    2.Purchased a high speed four color offset press printer Speedmaster from Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Feb.2000
    1.Certified by American Express Company to produce American Express Blue Box Line Cards.
    2.Certified by VISA INTERNATIONAL to manufacture VISA IC Cards product.
    3.Certified by VISA INTERNATIONAL to personalize VISA Card's magnetic stripe and IC card products.
  • Nov.1999
    Purchased an automatic silk screen printing machine.
  • Oct.1999
    Purchased an Automatic Screen Printing Machine with Infra-red Conveyor Oven to increase production capacity.
  • Sep.1999
    Nameplate product was approved by UL (File:MH26467).
  • Aug.1999
    Purchased an Automatic CCD Target punching Machine to improve accuracy of the punching process.
  • Dec.1998
    Purchased an IC Card Automatic Milling and Embedding Machine from CYBERNETIX, France.
  • Aug.1998
    Purchased a high speed Offset Printing Machine from ROLAND, Germany.
  • Feb.1998
    Signed an agent agreement for Card Personalization System with DIGICARD, Austria.
  • Mar.1997
    Partnered with NATEC Incorporated of Japan to establish plastic card production plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  • Dec.1996
    Recognized TSUCHIYA KOGYO (PHILS.) INC. as an impairment loss.
  • Oct.1996
    Certified by Mastercard International to manufacture Mastercard Cards products.
  • May.1996
    Certified by VISA INTERNATIONAL to manufacture VISA Card products.
  • Mar.1996
    ISO 9001 certified by RWTUV of Germany.
  • Sep.1995
    Taiwan Name Plate (B.V.I.) Ltd. HK Branch was officially launched.
  • Nov.1994
    Shen-Zhen, China plant was officially set-up.
  • Aug.1992
    Awarded the First National Award for Small and Medium Business of the ROC.
  • Jun.1991
    Timing Card System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of TNP, was established.
  • Jun.1989
    The Philippine plant was established.
  • Jun.1987
    Set up Plastic Card Division, and signed technical cooperation contract with NATEC Incorporated of Japan (Certified by VISA International & Mastercard International).
  • Sep.1986
    Adopt Division system.
  • May.1985
    Set up Membrane Switch Division.
  • Mar.1985
    Cooperate with Tsuchiya Printing Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan.
  • Feb.1979
    Technical cooperation with Uehara Name Plate Co., Ltd. of Japan.
  • Jul.1971
    Xinzhuang factory was established and began producing aluminum and plastic name plates.
  • Dec.1970
    TNP was founded.