Taiwan Name Plate Co., Ltd. (TNP), established on December 4th 1970. Our business areas are including Plastic Card, Card Personalization service, Name Plate and Membrane Switch. TNP was awarded the First National Award for Small and Medium Businesses of the ROC and won the Industrial Innovation Achievement Award sponsored by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs and titled " RFID Printing Antenna"., and also certified by ISO-9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, IATF 16949 & BS10012 Management System. Furthermore, TNP is the first card manufacturer in Taiwan to be certified by the VISA International, MASTERCARD International, JCB International, American Express International and Mondex Limited to produce credit cards and provides the Card Personalization Services. All these achievements are the cornerstone for the future growth and development for the whole TNP enterprise.

Our Plastic Cards and Card Personalization service have the advantage of the R&D ability of IC operating system and personalization software. Besides, we have taken out a patent on RFID printing circuits technology from U.S.A. so that the products can be customized based on customers’ different requests and can make the antennas’ designs of the new plastic cards come out rapidly. It makes our quality and lead time more competitive to other card manufacturers. Regarding the Name Plate and Membrane Switch products, TNP’s competitive advantage is that we develop variety of Name Plates with high quality and elaboration and all the products were made in Taiwan. TNP’s professional team offers their customers suggestions and ideas to the new projects and make them run smoothly.


Business Philosophy:

*Integrity:  Dealing with honesty keeping commitment to shareholders, associates, suppliers and customers of all commitments.

*Dedication:  Being responsible and seriously to fulfill our duty, never shift off the responsibility, neither credit nor blame.

*Competition in partnership:  Specialization of work, leader in field and work together to achieve common goals.

*Transcendence:  A breakthrough, face up to challenges, always improving.


Future Outlook:

 *Provides a high quality and sophisticated products and services, highlight and enhance the customer's position and image, made TNP with the best synonymous of a Cards, Name Plates, and Membrane Switches’ industries.

* Use of new generation research and development’s capacity and excellence in manufacturing technology to produce both functional and aesthetic perception of products, with technical innovation, product innovation to create a Win situation between Taiwan name plate, customer and supplier with a view to growth, and sustainable development.

*Research and development of wearable mobile payment devices, in response to future mobile payment trends.

*Research and developed own product, departing from pure OEM business model.

Quality commitments:

  1. Customers are always first and be sensitive to customers' needs and requirements.
  2. Quick response and timely service to customers' needs.
  3. All employees strive to improve with an objective of customers' satisfaction.

Environment declaration:

  1. Observe environment laws and regulations.
  2. Reduce industrial waste and prevent pollution.
  3. Forbids to use the environment deleterious substance.
  4. All employees are responsible in protecting and preserving our environment.

Information Security Policy:

  1. Compliance with all the Information Security related laws and contracts.
  2. Compliance with TNP Documentation Management of Information Security, the rule by Credit Card Organization and the request by ISO27001 Information Security Management System.

Policy of personal information protection management:

  1. Obey the Personal Information Protection Act to protect the rights of the parties.

Security Printing Management Policy:

  1. Comply with the laws related to Information Security.
  2. Comply with the contracts related to Security Printing and Information Security.
  3. Comply with the requirements of the Company's Security Printing Management Regulations.
  4. Commitment:
  5. By implementing the Security Printing Management System into design, execute and maintenance, providing suitable resources, continuously and effectively improve the management system, in order to provide the needed products and services of the customers, and to maintain customers' rights.